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Welcome to Virtual Singapore!

May 11, 2008

This phrase springs out at me from the feed I am reading on my Googlereader. (boy, do i sound like a tech geek now! :P)

According to John Bell, the Media Development Authority of Singapore is planning to create a brand new version of Second Life, in line with the coming Youth Olympics in 2010. This is apparently an ambitious project for the people at Youth Olympics and MDA – they plan to “allow people to interact with an online version of Singapore, specially created for the computer screen”.

With new interactive technology, akin to a new version of Second Life (a 3D world where people are able to explore streets with their ‘characters’ and interact with others), the project hopes to showcase the Youth Olympics via the internet – you can now be an online spectator without having to be actually present!

The funds for the project come from a mighty $500 million put aside for interactive and digital media, and are considered strategic to Singapore. MDA Deputy Chief Executive, Mr Michael Yap, hopes to attract online developers or even telcom operators to take up the project, and promises that MDA would strongly back companies that plan to create that much needed infrastructure.

Hopefully, by 2010, audiences are able to watch the Youth Olympics without actually being present.

Other companies are engaging in this project, known as “Co-Space”, at the same time. The National Library Board hopes to establish an interactive online library, where users are able to not only browse pages virtually, but also meet friends with similar interests.

Mr Terence Mak, head of Amazing Worlds, a local start up planning to bid for the Singapore project, predicts that this would improve interactivity between users – now we’re not only able to read each other’s comments or tags, but even ‘touch’ each other online as each person will have a character or avatar. According to him, “this could be the new way to meet people in the future!”

I am looking forward to watching this come to pass! It would be great if local technology could evolve to such a stage where we are able to not only win the project bid, but create something which allows the world to view – greater publicity for local talents as well as pride for Singaporeans!

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