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penny for your thoughts?

May 9, 2008

i shall talk about music today. i was able to meet this friend of mine today who happens to be an aspiring rock singer. he was sharing with us about his journey to becoming who he is today, and how music plays a huge part in his life. i have never had the opportunity to meet with musicians (since my circles never much drifted to those involved with rock bands/music), so today was a pleasant encounter.

he was sharing with us about his life and how certain moments in his life were defining ones. i always thought musicians were very emo people, in touch with their inner feelings etc (that’s why they’re able to belt out songs with such great feeling) but surprisingly he shared this little theory: “you have to be in touch with your head too. (response to the question: are you a head over heart kind of guy? :P) writing music takes the heart, putting them together takes your head.

tres cool. i have never been able to finish penning a song – most of my songs follow a little tune i hear on the radio or something. but i know people who write lovely songs, and people who SING lovely songs too! indeed music keeps us alive.

i do hope his indie-hip-soul-funk (a little mismash of everything) does work out for him. after all these singer songwriter types have got a little something to them – for him he hopes to share his music with people. nobleeee, much? 🙂