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Sports, China, and the Web

May 16, 2008

Some thoughts about the readings we were assigned to for week 4:

Sports Case Powerpoint

Online media has had a large influence on traditional media. It was traditional media which shaped the way news was brought to the masses – through billboards, televisions, newspapers and magazines.

Now we have new forms of media such as blogs, video sharing and community platforms which have allowed people to influence others and amplify the likes of traditional media. This is also called IWOM (internet word of mouth).

Unique netizen language! Even language has got a life of its own on the internet. Buzzwords in chinese have been coined for various sports superstars. We note as well that sports has taken the largest pie in the internet viewing industry – the number of posts, posters and comments made on sports teams and events have surpassed other forms of interest.

Even internet keywords have been peppered by sports related injunctions, with Nike and Adidas leading the troop of famous sporting apparel labels. Netizens also are influenced by different forms of advertisements and punchlines from these sporting labels – familiar phrases like Nike’s ‘Just Do It!’ and Adidas’ stickman advertising have all been picked up by netizen fans and recreated into new forms of creative web use.

Brands can also ride the wave of this sporting brand culture on the internet, and capitalise on the growing popularity of these sporting sites to gain a spectrum of internet savvy audience. By understanding the different communication habits of netizens, and focusing on their interests, brands can now create more appealing promotional campaigns which would attract their target market.

There also lies the comparison between AC Milan and Yao Ming – keyword frequency and weekly buzz on these famous teams/sportsmen. Also the importance of administrators in online communities.

What stands out to me is the pervasive influence of China products, users, people in all forms of media. In the news, we see reports on the Sichuan Earthquake, in classes we discuss about the Chinese campaigns against CNN and Carrefour, we wait in eager anticipation for the Beijing Olympics 2008 ( and note that even before it begins, much attention is given to the Tibetian-Chinese conflicts)… all these point to one thing- that the China dragon is indeed on the rise!

The Other Readings

According to Avinash Kaushik,  the Time on Page and Time on Site are measured based on ROI attribution rate. He then goes into a review about web cookies and D.C.s – I am looking forward to hearing more about it in class on Tuesday! (this comes across as a technical blog site – i wonder what we’ll be learning it for).

More updates to come! keep your eyes peeled 😉