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May 17, 2008

My groupmate’s working on a project on women’s perception of true beauty. She was sharing this video and I found it to be really true.

How distorted our perception has become of beauty, today. After all the glamor and glitz from a party, when we’re down to our simple ordinary selfs…. can we still appreciate ourselves for who we are, inside and out? 🙂


Sports, China, and the Web

May 16, 2008

Some thoughts about the readings we were assigned to for week 4:

Sports Case Powerpoint

Online media has had a large influence on traditional media. It was traditional media which shaped the way news was brought to the masses – through billboards, televisions, newspapers and magazines.

Now we have new forms of media such as blogs, video sharing and community platforms which have allowed people to influence others and amplify the likes of traditional media. This is also called IWOM (internet word of mouth).

Unique netizen language! Even language has got a life of its own on the internet. Buzzwords in chinese have been coined for various sports superstars. We note as well that sports has taken the largest pie in the internet viewing industry – the number of posts, posters and comments made on sports teams and events have surpassed other forms of interest.

Even internet keywords have been peppered by sports related injunctions, with Nike and Adidas leading the troop of famous sporting apparel labels. Netizens also are influenced by different forms of advertisements and punchlines from these sporting labels – familiar phrases like Nike’s ‘Just Do It!’ and Adidas’ stickman advertising have all been picked up by netizen fans and recreated into new forms of creative web use.

Brands can also ride the wave of this sporting brand culture on the internet, and capitalise on the growing popularity of these sporting sites to gain a spectrum of internet savvy audience. By understanding the different communication habits of netizens, and focusing on their interests, brands can now create more appealing promotional campaigns which would attract their target market.

There also lies the comparison between AC Milan and Yao Ming – keyword frequency and weekly buzz on these famous teams/sportsmen. Also the importance of administrators in online communities.

What stands out to me is the pervasive influence of China products, users, people in all forms of media. In the news, we see reports on the Sichuan Earthquake, in classes we discuss about the Chinese campaigns against CNN and Carrefour, we wait in eager anticipation for the Beijing Olympics 2008 ( and note that even before it begins, much attention is given to the Tibetian-Chinese conflicts)… all these point to one thing- that the China dragon is indeed on the rise!

The Other Readings

According to Avinash Kaushik,  the Time on Page and Time on Site are measured based on ROI attribution rate. He then goes into a review about web cookies and D.C.s – I am looking forward to hearing more about it in class on Tuesday! (this comes across as a technical blog site – i wonder what we’ll be learning it for).

More updates to come! keep your eyes peeled 😉

May 14, 2008

What we do when we get a little too bored during meetings…. Break time, we protest!

hahha. I just realized its almost like a storyline. CK leads the discussion, we get distracted by the food, we start EATING the food (courtesy of the good old security guard who never forgets hungry students in gsrs nearby :P)…. and cheers! happy faces satisfied with nonya curry puffs and good old coffee/tea. muahhaha.

And presenting to you….

Little miss IPhone! Looking great! Wish I could get one, I’ve been hearing so much about it! THE IPHONE. THE NEW ERA. Imma gonna get all linked up to the web with this little baby!

Time for a trip down to Apple soon to check it out. Who’d like to come along? 😉

Hot off the press – web 1.0 vs web 2.0!

May 13, 2008

The Straits Times today carries two articles on Social Media and PR Campaigns which I found was immensely relevant to our class. The first was on:

PR Campaigns need mix of new and traditional media (ST H19, May 13 2008 )

With the advent of new media (i.e. Web 2.0), PR campaigns tend to lean towards using online products, hence rendering traditional media obsolete. By traditional forms, we mean magazines, televisions and the newspapers. However, President and Chief Executive Fred Cook of GolinHarris asserts that traditional media still has its role to play in PR.

He gives the example of Yahoo, a company with strong online presence, which still relies largely on traditional outlets for publicity as this directly leads to a large jump in its online traffic. In addition, though the younger generation is proficient with the internet, we must not forget the older generation, who still rely on the newspapers, televisions, magazines and radio for information.

GolinHarris, a leading international PR firm, states that they have a special service called Dialogue to help clients reach out with integrated media campaigns. They focus on both digital and traditional media to create campaigns for their clients.

Something worth noting is a comment made by Mr Cook – that there is an escalating consumer demand for authenticity in PR Campaigns. And this is because consumers/netizens are growing so much more savvy and astute, with their frequent interaction with the WWW. They’d be able to tell immediately if a company, or campaign, lacks genuinity. But this could be useful as well – companies can now use the internet to share stories and experiences which they never could before – an edge for any company searching to connect in an authentic manner with its clients.

Web 2.0 means Business! (ST Digital Life, May 13 2008 )

Aha! We are not the only ones catching on. Soon, I believe, the rest of the world will discover the advantages of using social software like blogs, wikis and even facebook, in the corporate world.

This story features, in a nutshell, what we’ve been learning in class the past 2.5 weeks. So, according to Larry Oglesby, Sales Manager for IBM’s Lotus Connections Social Software Business, the focus today, is “on being innovative in order to differentiate yourself from your competitors.” AND, such social software helps companies to gain feedback and ideas from employees, partners and customers; basically, their stakeholders.

Other interesting facts:

1. IBM uses a section on their Lotus Connections, “Profiles” to make it look like Facebook or MySpace. Workers now in different locations can connect with each other if they have similar interests. This reminds me of my internship last summer – I note that Bloomberg has that same function too!

2. The ‘Cool’ Factor – they are trying to appeal to the younger generation! Us! By keeping up with the times, this would help them attract and retain new talent. NOW we know.

3. Benefits: It connects businesses to the grassroots level, enable CEOS to gain feedback from an untapped audience.

4. Detriments: info put up on the web is confidential – there could be potential security issues. (Importance of firewalls so that only authenticated users can get access to these shared services). Guidelines should be set in place to prevent the abuse of social software, and disciplinary action put in place should these guidelines be breached.

5. A challenge for business – to implement Web 2.0 applications by activating huge depositories of information like inventory trends. Their large archives could be made user organisable and searchable, and this could lead to a community being built around it.

Some success stories: Amazon Online, and eBay.

Lee Kwee Heng, Country Brand Manager of IBM promises that social software will have a trajectory akin to that of the Email service. “People were saying, we havea phone, why don’t we just make a call? Why do we need email? Social software is following the same trend. Things will not change overnight. It’s not a destination, but a journey.”

in class today

May 12, 2008

today’s class was a fresh mix of presentations – two of them in fact. one of them was on writing effectively for the blogosphere; and the other, on net neutrality.

I enjoyed the presentation on writing effectively for the blogosphere as being a blogger myself, it was easy to identify with what they were saying. I enjoyed listening about the effect corporate and personal blogs have on their communities. Corporate blogging, especially, struck my fancy. I honestly want to see if corporate blogging actually brings in results!

Looks like it is catching on amongst high profile individuals within the business arena, with these blogs on the blogosphere: (blog of President and CEO of Sun MicroSystems, Johnathan Schwartz); and this (blog of Marc Andressen, cofounder, Netscape Communications).

Apparently, according to Kuki McKinsey, CEO blogs will never go out of fashion because it transforms a “formidable entity”, into an “open book”. Employees can now read the writings of their CEOs, and this person, whose ideas and thoughts you now have access to, becomes a ‘real person’ to you. And this, according to Miss McKinsey, results in TRUST. Big word here! Trust plays an important part in any relationship, especially in the corporate world, I would think. CEO of Naseba, Scott Ragsdale, even believes that blogging teaches him to remain focused on his climb.

How many, then, of our local corporate leaders, do really ‘dare to bare’? I have had the privilege of attending this session ‘A Day in the Life of a CEO’ in 2006, and spent a day learning from ex NTUC Income CEO Mr Tan Kin Lian. He too, runs a blog as can be seen from the link. He is just but one of the few. We have yet to see local CEOs or high profile individuals start corporate blogs. I would think they have a preference to remain ‘silent’. Or perhaps they just have not jumped on the corporate blogging bandwagon, at least not yet!

Your thoughts/comments/feedback on all I’ve blogged so far, would be greatly appreciated!

Sources: http://corporateleadersblogs.com

Welcome to Virtual Singapore!

May 11, 2008

This phrase springs out at me from the feed I am reading on my Googlereader. (boy, do i sound like a tech geek now! :P)

According to John Bell, the Media Development Authority of Singapore is planning to create a brand new version of Second Life, in line with the coming Youth Olympics in 2010. This is apparently an ambitious project for the people at Youth Olympics and MDA – they plan to “allow people to interact with an online version of Singapore, specially created for the computer screen”.

With new interactive technology, akin to a new version of Second Life (a 3D world where people are able to explore streets with their ‘characters’ and interact with others), the project hopes to showcase the Youth Olympics via the internet – you can now be an online spectator without having to be actually present!

The funds for the project come from a mighty $500 million put aside for interactive and digital media, and are considered strategic to Singapore. MDA Deputy Chief Executive, Mr Michael Yap, hopes to attract online developers or even telcom operators to take up the project, and promises that MDA would strongly back companies that plan to create that much needed infrastructure.

Hopefully, by 2010, audiences are able to watch the Youth Olympics without actually being present.

Other companies are engaging in this project, known as “Co-Space”, at the same time. The National Library Board hopes to establish an interactive online library, where users are able to not only browse pages virtually, but also meet friends with similar interests.

Mr Terence Mak, head of Amazing Worlds, a local start up planning to bid for the Singapore project, predicts that this would improve interactivity between users – now we’re not only able to read each other’s comments or tags, but even ‘touch’ each other online as each person will have a character or avatar. According to him, “this could be the new way to meet people in the future!”

I am looking forward to watching this come to pass! It would be great if local technology could evolve to such a stage where we are able to not only win the project bid, but create something which allows the world to view – greater publicity for local talents as well as pride for Singaporeans!

Sources: Virtual 3D Singapore On It’s Way

penny for your thoughts?

May 9, 2008

i shall talk about music today. i was able to meet this friend of mine today who happens to be an aspiring rock singer. he was sharing with us about his journey to becoming who he is today, and how music plays a huge part in his life. i have never had the opportunity to meet with musicians (since my circles never much drifted to those involved with rock bands/music), so today was a pleasant encounter.

he was sharing with us about his life and how certain moments in his life were defining ones. i always thought musicians were very emo people, in touch with their inner feelings etc (that’s why they’re able to belt out songs with such great feeling) but surprisingly he shared this little theory: “you have to be in touch with your head too. (response to the question: are you a head over heart kind of guy? :P) writing music takes the heart, putting them together takes your head.

tres cool. i have never been able to finish penning a song – most of my songs follow a little tune i hear on the radio or something. but i know people who write lovely songs, and people who SING lovely songs too! indeed music keeps us alive.

i do hope his indie-hip-soul-funk (a little mismash of everything) does work out for him. after all these singer songwriter types have got a little something to them – for him he hopes to share his music with people. nobleeee, much? 🙂


May 8, 2008

It is scary when you see the rest of your classmates having blogs on social media, or blogs that are well established and have loads of visitors. I start to wonder a little – am I supposed to start writing about something constructive? like say, er, the sights and sounds of singapore? or, something about the local arts scene?

they all tickle my fancy, just a little, but i’ve decided that i’m comfortable being me, writing as i always do. so, (deep breath), here goes!

it’s a little scary, really, to be running a blog as part of a class. like huh, you actually have the class and prof reading your thoughts and muses about life. but then it’s nice because it doesn’t seem like a class anymore, it becomes a friendly environment; more like a social one where people get to know each other not as regular classmates; but as PEOPLE.

then again; i feel that as we grow a little older, superficialities tend to colour our lenses. once when we used to see the world as wide eyed, innocent kids; we now somehow become grown-ups (i am still trying to get used to the word), attempting to arm ourselves with as many defences as possible to wield our ways through the ‘grown up world’.

layers of an individual, i’d like to think. even i, am afraid to strip myself open, for what will you see when i’m defenceless, unadorned, laid bare? it is a somewhat scary notion, but then again don’t you see – this IS what university life’s all about. Meeting new people, trusting them with your hearts, trusting that they’ll care for you despite your weaknesses, inadequacies and shortcomings.

sharing about life, enjoying time together, hoping the moment lasts forever – that we don’t actually want to walk through the glass mirror into the next bridge of life; but then again understanding with childlike innocence that we should; that we can’t stay here forever.

not forgetting old friends. it’s how older friendships stay stronger – how we grow together through the good and not-so-good moments of life; gazing at each memory and building new ones – walking through each little path of life together.

looking forward to a greater term ahead with much lovelier memories to be made – after all it is my last term; and my best term, yet. 🙂 

I end here with a great song by David Archuleta – Stand By Me; one of my favorites if you’ve been a keen follower of AI7. Enjoy!

i feel like a goldfish

May 6, 2008

Latest pictures up! Us during our rehearsal for our project presention on Monday.


Thanks for the great work guys! 🙂


May 6, 2008

met up with sam and vanessa last night for dinner (after my presentation).

we spoke about solitude, and time spent alone, reflecting and thinking about life. i do think it is apt; in the hustle and bustle of life, to take time away simply to spend by yourself, and enjoy some time alone.

it was really nice. sometimes as the world passes you by, simply traipsing down the street of clarke quay, japanese treat in hand… the little things in life we can choose to be thankful for.

amazingly; i am spending so much time in school this summer! honestly. classes, project meetings… i feel like i’m returning to school more often than in the normal term! grin.

anyway. would like to share this video! i really really heart this song!!!! :):)