trying. to. stay. awake.

late night phone conversations, meeting up with various people, dinners and visitations to interesting, tucked away corners of singapore for glorious food….

it is saturday night and i. am. officially. shacked.

but the coming week bodes well! more meetups, wednesday night (my foray back to normalcy – at least for me, now); AND, relatives from china which i will be bringing around town!

(it is HILARIOUS. my mum wants me to bring out one of our relative’s sons – and gave suggestions on where to hang and chill. which i will, i guess!)

So, i think i shall be spending my sunday with the relatives, and probably monday and tuesday nights as well.

the good, and well, not so good points of having a huge family. i want time for friends too!

(especially the one returning saturday night. i can’t believe it’s been ONE YEAR! I MISS YOU!!)

alright that’s it for now. i’ve been going on at bullettrain speed and that’s because i’m still feeling woozy from the 3am conversation. now i know why momma keeps going on about sleeping early. i am feeling the effects of my sleep debt, already. 😦

that’s it for tonight. ciao bella peopleee!


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