The ‘IB’ Effect

Yes it’s true. I see it all around me. The dishevelled, i-ain’t-seen-the-light-of-day look on several faces around school.

(oh, i know i might be stepping on a few toes here, but bear with it. just hear me out!)

as i sit here waiting for my groupmate to finish tweaking our little wiki (and she’s been working since morning on it, bless her soul), i start to wonder if we’ve really been hit by the IB effect. the, you know, let’s work till we finish every single piece of work, and i don’t care if it’s past midnight!

my groupmate announces with a flourish to me over msn, “i’ve been working till 3am!” and something in me goes, “what???? 3am???” okay. maybe once in a while’s fine. but it amazes me when we say it with such great satisfaction. Does this mean school’s transformed us into such hardworking creatures with no lives whatsoever beyond the sliding doors of the smu gantry?

i must admit, though, with my head humbly bowed, that i too, have been saddled with the IB effect. It’s infectious! (unhealthy but infectious!) it’s a bug going around school. seriously. we suddenly forget that we’re actually entering the prime of our lives (the glorious twenties, haven’t you heard?) and we should be enjoying ourselves. After all, don’t the seniors always feed with you this line – “you have all the rest of your life to work!”

*ducks from the indignant voices of friends who, despite my consistent explanations, argue that i’m not giving myself a good summer break*

yes, yes. i know that i shouldn’t be the one to talk. But seriously – i try! (to have a break). I.E. i’ll enjoy myself over the weekend! and nights out after internship! and, and….. (voice trails off)

(back in full force)

it’s a neverending cycle, a race to the top. you work hard, someone works harder, we all study hard and it results in the library opening 24/7 to feed our hungry little minds with knowledge. (someone snorts here!) I’ve never known of a library opening 24/7 during studying hours (it’s destructive! whatever happened to a life outside school, someone tell me!) The state of school. university life.

i’m just hoping my internship experience proves otherwise – that i can meet new people with their own take on uni life, and learn that it isn’t all about chionging (i.e. heading out in full force, a local army term, for the unacquainted), till we lose sight of ourselves along the way.

but right now, it’s back to good old wiki-ing. i leave you with a picture of my team before our project sharing last tuesday!



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