over on your side of the moon

I have an awesome brother –

Who is living the LIFE over in the US! It’s amazing. Even though they’re studying, they still have time to spend playing and enjoying the campus!

their gorgeous, gorgeous campus residence (they call it the Mudgehouse)…

absolutely quaint, don’t you think?  I wish i could be there too! (or at least i know i’ll be visiting him sometime soon :))

Well – i do know, though, that the grass always looks greener on the other side. As much as his life (or the lives of my overseas pals) look really good – with all the freedom, the journey of self discovery, and all that – but i do know that they’ll be back soon enough, joining me as we enter the ranks of the workforce. And i can be thankful that i have friends and family here (the conveniences of living with our families that we often take for granted) – and that i can enjoy my own little journey of self discovery here too!

Looking forward to his return and more news about his exciting life in the US! (i shall attempt to create an exciting life back here in sunny singapore as well – now who said we can’t have fun in good old singapore! :P)

dinner tonight with the girls and mr eligible bachelor no (i can’t remember what!). hahahha. My foray into the life of an exciting 20-something adult! 🙂


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