What we do when we get a little too bored during meetings…. Break time, we protest!

hahha. I just realized its almost like a storyline. CK leads the discussion, we get distracted by the food, we start EATING the food (courtesy of the good old security guard who never forgets hungry students in gsrs nearby :P)…. and cheers! happy faces satisfied with nonya curry puffs and good old coffee/tea. muahhaha.

And presenting to you….

Little miss IPhone! Looking great! Wish I could get one, I’ve been hearing so much about it! THE IPHONE. THE NEW ERA. Imma gonna get all linked up to the web with this little baby!

Time for a trip down to Apple soon to check it out. Who’d like to come along? 😉


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  1. sherms Says:

    my friend has an Iphone (she got hers last year from america). Very snazzy, has that finger-zoom-in-zoom-out function a la iBook, and touch-slide for flipping through the photo album. But the screen does get sort of grimy with fingerprints after a while, so if you get one, stock up on the cleaning cloths!:)

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