in class today

today’s class was a fresh mix of presentations – two of them in fact. one of them was on writing effectively for the blogosphere; and the other, on net neutrality.

I enjoyed the presentation on writing effectively for the blogosphere as being a blogger myself, it was easy to identify with what they were saying. I enjoyed listening about the effect corporate and personal blogs have on their communities. Corporate blogging, especially, struck my fancy. I honestly want to see if corporate blogging actually brings in results!

Looks like it is catching on amongst high profile individuals within the business arena, with these blogs on the blogosphere: (blog of President and CEO of Sun MicroSystems, Johnathan Schwartz); and this (blog of Marc Andressen, cofounder, Netscape Communications).

Apparently, according to Kuki McKinsey, CEO blogs will never go out of fashion because it transforms a “formidable entity”, into an “open book”. Employees can now read the writings of their CEOs, and this person, whose ideas and thoughts you now have access to, becomes a ‘real person’ to you. And this, according to Miss McKinsey, results in TRUST. Big word here! Trust plays an important part in any relationship, especially in the corporate world, I would think. CEO of Naseba, Scott Ragsdale, even believes that blogging teaches him to remain focused on his climb.

How many, then, of our local corporate leaders, do really ‘dare to bare’? I have had the privilege of attending this session ‘A Day in the Life of a CEO’ in 2006, and spent a day learning from ex NTUC Income CEO Mr Tan Kin Lian. He too, runs a blog as can be seen from the link. He is just but one of the few. We have yet to see local CEOs or high profile individuals start corporate blogs. I would think they have a preference to remain ‘silent’. Or perhaps they just have not jumped on the corporate blogging bandwagon, at least not yet!

Your thoughts/comments/feedback on all I’ve blogged so far, would be greatly appreciated!



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2 Responses to “in class today”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Realise how “uncommon” a corporate blogs can be as compared to personal blogs. It’s most commonly done through the CEO’s blog.
    You were sharing about session ‘A Day in the Life of a CEO’ in 2006 in your blog, I went to take a look at the CEO’s blog.
    This is one thing discussed in class about corporate’s blog will often times be the CEO’s blog…

  2. Belle Chua Says:

    Hey Rachel,

    I totally agreed…after taking Social Media class, now then I knew how powerful Web 2.0 is and for now I know, I can’t do without it!

    I love blogging, I love Wikis, I love Twitter, I love Reader, I love del.ici.ous, I love Video & pics sharing!!

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