It is scary when you see the rest of your classmates having blogs on social media, or blogs that are well established and have loads of visitors. I start to wonder a little – am I supposed to start writing about something constructive? like say, er, the sights and sounds of singapore? or, something about the local arts scene?

they all tickle my fancy, just a little, but i’ve decided that i’m comfortable being me, writing as i always do. so, (deep breath), here goes!

it’s a little scary, really, to be running a blog as part of a class. like huh, you actually have the class and prof reading your thoughts and muses about life. but then it’s nice because it doesn’t seem like a class anymore, it becomes a friendly environment; more like a social one where people get to know each other not as regular classmates; but as PEOPLE.

then again; i feel that as we grow a little older, superficialities tend to colour our lenses. once when we used to see the world as wide eyed, innocent kids; we now somehow become grown-ups (i am still trying to get used to the word), attempting to arm ourselves with as many defences as possible to wield our ways through the ‘grown up world’.

layers of an individual, i’d like to think. even i, am afraid to strip myself open, for what will you see when i’m defenceless, unadorned, laid bare? it is a somewhat scary notion, but then again don’t you see – this IS what university life’s all about. Meeting new people, trusting them with your hearts, trusting that they’ll care for you despite your weaknesses, inadequacies and shortcomings.

sharing about life, enjoying time together, hoping the moment lasts forever – that we don’t actually want to walk through the glass mirror into the next bridge of life; but then again understanding with childlike innocence that we should; that we can’t stay here forever.

not forgetting old friends. it’s how older friendships stay stronger – how we grow together through the good and not-so-good moments of life; gazing at each memory and building new ones – walking through each little path of life together.

looking forward to a greater term ahead with much lovelier memories to be made – after all it is my last term; and my best term, yet. 🙂 

I end here with a great song by David Archuleta – Stand By Me; one of my favorites if you’ve been a keen follower of AI7. Enjoy!


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